Arpus Brewing Blueberry x Raspberry x Coconut x Vanilla Imperial Sour Ale

Arpus Brewing Blueberry x Raspberry x Coconut x Vanilla Imperial Sour Ale

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Tiny Rebel Superhero Landing

Lervig Paragon Barley Wine Ale 2019 Vintage

1 van de beste Barley wines op de markt met een untappd score van 4.57.

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Lervig Paragon 2019
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Product eigenschappen
Meer informatie
EAN 7072712005959
Merk Lervig Brewery
Percentage alcohol 13.5 %
Verpakking Bier Fles
Biersoort Barley Wine, Barrel Aged
Ideale drink temperatuur
Land van herkomst Noorwegen
Stad van herkomst Stavanger
Vanaf wanneer op de markt 2019
inhoud 33 cl
geadviseerd glas snifter
Geadviseerd eten Blauwschimmel Kaas, Chocolade, Karamel
kleur Amber
Smaakprofiel krachtig
Intensiteit (1=minste tot 10=meeste) 8
zoetheid (1=minste tot 10=meeste) 6
zuurheid (1=minste tot 10=meeste) 4
bitterheid (1=minste tot 10=meeste) 3

Lervig Paragon Barley Wine Ale 2019 Vintage - barrel aged barley wine - 33cl fles.

Uniek bier voor de echte barley wine liefhebber.

Levrig vat dit genot samen als:

This years vintage is a blend of time. We had a few lingering barrels from the fall of 2017. To that we added a few more from early 2019 and topped it off with some from the fall of 2019. All of the barrels we used were bourbon. The bulk of which were previously used for Heavin Hill, with some Angel’s Envy and even a couple Wild Turkey in there as well. But this years version isnt really about a big bourbon character, it’s more focused on the subtle bourbon flavors that are inherent to this beer. After the sweet punch right away subsides you will get flavours such as Dried figs, raisins, and vanilla. Then the malt gives Paragon it’s caramel, toffee, and chocolate flavours that rounds out with mild sweetness, bringing it full circle.

The beer has a slight viscous texture which coats your mouth in a flavor explosion of all the forementioned tastes, while doing it’s best to hide the alcohol.

Drinking reccomendations are to serve it around 7-8 °C in a snifting glass and sip it slowly allowing to warm as you go. Your mouth will discover new flavors as it does. For us this beer represents our passion for the old style and the life of a brewers work in a bottle. Please enjoy with sofistication.

Dit lekkers is ook te koop in onze bierwinkel in Eindhoven.

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